Downhill Ski

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What is Downhill Ski?

Downhill Ski

Downhill Ski is about to be one of the most amazing skiing games in 3D that you get to play free of charge and unblocked today on our website, any day for that matter, with it being high-quality and also playable on phones and tablets alike, so even if you are in the hottest places on the globe, you can now still go skiing in a way like none before!

Get ready to Downhill Ski online!

The game has a total of 12 levels, each with a course that is more difficult than the one before it. Use the right and left arrows to steer the skier down the hill's slope, and make sure to get past the obstacles in your path, gaining points each time you go around them, so try to achieve a big score by the time you reach the bottom.

If you hit them, you instantly fall and lose, having to restart the level from the top. We're sure you understood, as the game is simple and fun, so start it right now, and make sure to stick around, since we are far from being done with offering you the best of the best!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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