Downhill Chill

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What is Downhill Chill?

Downhill Chill

Welcome, all to Downhill Chill, which is without a doubt one of the best new skiing games online 3d we've had in a while, with great graphics, a very easy to understand the gameplay, and fun levels that will have you challenged, excited, and having tons of fun as it is possible to have only on our website, no doubt about that!

Let's chill out by skiing!

You use the mouse to control your skier, tapping and holding while swiping towards the left and right to move your character, as you have to go through the gates to get points in return. The gates are marked by two flags, so go between them.

You also have ramps, and if you go on them and end up in the air, you should hold the left mouse button to keep rotating into the air and get an even bigger score.

In addition to these elements, in further levels you will also race against other skiers, so try your best to be downhill and cross the finish line ahead of them and prove yourself the better virtual skier!

Good luck we wish you all, and we definitely invite you to try more of our winter games, we are always here with the best of them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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