DownHill to Infinity

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DownHill to Infinity
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What is DownHill to Infinity?

DownHill to Infinity

DownHill to Infinity is one of the best new skateboarding games online for kids we are immensely glad to be sharing it with you on our website right now since we have had a terrific time with it ourselves, just like we guarantee for you too, so trying it out right now should be an absolute must for all our visitors!

Go DownHill to Infinity with your skateboard!

Use X to accelerate forward through the course, with the skateboarding course being quite big, infinite if you will, but make sure not to fall in the pits by releasing the X key to jump when you are near them.

To grab onto things you use C, Z to flip, S to grind, and A, D to move in any direction you wish. The crazier the run, and the more stunts you can make, the bigger your performance is going to be.

Now that you've surely got the gist of it, get ready to start the fun of it, as much of it as you want, and stick around, you never know what more amazing games are coming over for you here really soon!

How to play?

Use the A, D, X, C, Z, S keys.

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