Backlot Road Race

Backlot Road Race

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Backlot Road Race
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Backlot Road Race Overview


Win the Backlot Road Race with Johnny Test! Skateboarding games online are always the best choice for boys looking for adventure! Do you also want to make stunts? Take on awesome risks? Then this is the game for you! Even better, you are totally safe, since it's a virtual experience! Let's show you how to skate around the backlot and have fun!

Help Johnny Test win the Backlot Road Race!

Going through the backlot shortcut helps you win the race faster, but there is a catch. That part of the course is more difficult. There are more obstacles for you to get over. To do so, jump by pressing the up arrow key. Go horizontally in the two directions using the right and left arrows.

The main obstacle to face is the crates lying around. It's a movie set, at the end of the day. Jump over them! If you hit into them too many times, you lose. To jump even further, hop on the springboards, which are an amazing power-up! Trust us!

Hop to victory!

Want a big score? Catch those frogs! Collect as many of them as possible! Lost health? Grab the WB logos and they will repair some of it!

You've only got three lives, don't lose all of them! Want energy? Grab the black and yellow toxic signs. They're good for Johnny Test, believe us!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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