Johnny's Deep Sea Snapshots

Johnny's Deep Sea Snapshots

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Johnny's Deep Sea Snapshots
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Johnny's Deep Sea Snapshots Overview


In Johnny's Deep Sea Snapshots, Johnny has been turned into a mermaid. Well, a merman. He's going underwater to take photos of sea life for his sisters. Sharks want to eat him, jellyfish to bite him. Join him in the sea adventure, avoid trouble, and take the best photos!

Help take Johnny's Deep Sea Snapshots!

Use the mouse to swim with Johnny. Go deep and deeper! As he swims, avoid the fish, and the bombs. You can't do anything about the bombs, only to avoid them. If you touch them and they blow up, you lose health. You also lose health if the fish bite into you. But, for the fish, there's something you can do!

Hold the mouse and release it to charge up the camera. With the flashlight from it, you scare the fish away. You get points for all the fish you blast away. The longer you hold the mouse, the bigger the flash. Make sure not to extend too much though, you might fail.

  • Find the B item. It gives you a flash blast, which blasts away all fish on the screen at the time of the blow.
  • Find the E item. It refills your energy bar, allowing you to dive deeper. When you run out, you lose.

Good luck with your sea adventure!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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