TapTap Shots

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What is TapTap Shots?

TapTap Shots

TapTap Shots is a really fiery basketball game online that our team is delighted to share with the many fans of this sport right now and here, who we know for a fact love playing basketball games in an arcade-style, with this one having quite a lot of puzzle and skill elements, so if you nail those down, you will become the ultimate shooter!

Tap, tap, and get your shots in the hoop!

As the title suggests, tap or click multiple times in order to make the basketball bounce, having to go from one bounce to another into the hoop, and that is how you score points. The hoop then moves to a new spot, and it can go lower or higher as well, so each new shot is a new challenge.

If you miss one shot, your streak ends there, so try to make your streak as long as possible to get as big an amount of points as possible. Good luck, we wish you all the best and hope to see you play more of our awesome sports games online, we work hard to offer you the cream of the crop in that genre!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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