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Free Shots

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Free Shots
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Free Shots Overview


Gumball Games and basketball go hand-in-hand really well, as these CN characters are big fans of this sport, hence why right at this moment you get to play it with them through the wonderful addition of this new Free Shots game we are now delighted to showcase you, as you've never seen or played it before!

Throw Free Shots with Gumball!

Use the mouse to drag it and create a path of little dots from Gumball to the basketball hoop, and then release it to make the shot, and if it gets in, you earn points in return. Try to keep scoring and earning as many points as possible, hoop after hoop. The basketball hoop moves after each successful shot, to keep you on your toes.

Once you miss, you lose a ball, and if you lose all your three balls, your free shots end then and there, and you need to start all over again from scratch. Of course, we are positive that each new time you play, you will work harder and make an even better performance!

Now that you've surely understood what and how to do it, let the fun begin right away, as only here is possible, and maybe stick around for even more fun games to come as only we can provide you with, day after day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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