Burger and Burrito

Burger and Burrito

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Burger and Burrito
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Burger and Burrito Overview


Burger and Burrito is a Teen Titans Go game that gives a fresh new take on the 2048 games that many of you probably know because they were some of the most popular puzzle games on the internet a few years back, and this one is made even better by having food in it, instead of numbers, which are kind of boring!

Burgers, Burritos, it does not matter, Beast Boy and Cyborg are hungry!

Use the mouse to swipe the tiles on the board in any of the four directions, something that moves all the tiles in that direction at the same time. Do so in order to combine tiles of food at the same time to level them up, having pizzas, burritos, burgers, and more.

Also make it so that the tiles of Cyborg and Beast Boy eat them up when possible, gaining even more points in return and clearing a bit of the board. Rocks can't be eaten, but combining enough of them creates a diamond that you can collect for extra points.

Also, if you have enough points, you can use three special abilities:

  • Raven turns the food tiles into another kind
  • Robin levels up the food tiles
  • Starfire blows up rock tiles to help you get rid of them

When you get stuck and no more moves can be made, you lose, so be careful not to let that happen. Good luck, all the best we wish you, and we invite you to stick around for more fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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