Tethan Arena

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What is Tethan Arena?

Tethan Arena

Are you ready to enter the Tethan Arena? We hope so because this is one of the most unique and fun io games with action and shooting, but also collection, all of which being elements that take a multiplayer game and make it way more interesting and fun than ordinary, and right now you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself a lot!

Let's defeat the opponents in the Tethan Arena!

You are going to use the mouse to move through the arena, where you have to get close enough to an enemy for them to be in your weapons range, which is when you start shooting them automatically, and if you deplete their health bar completely, you win. Don't let them do the same to you, so win and always upgrade your level to cause more damage.

Stand over chests to open them up, and then stand over the weapons, ammo, or upgrades you pick up in order to get stronger. Defeat enemies and collect tetha tokens, using them in the shop for cool new stuff that can be bought there, upgrading your avatar out of the two heroes you can pick from at the start.

Good luck and all the best we wish you all, inviting you to stick around for more of our great games, you can never go wrong with them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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