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Among at Easter

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Among at Easter
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Among at Easter Overview


Easter is just as good of a holiday for you to play Among Us online as any other, since the new bunny skins only make the experience more fun, but also funnier, and if our team has had tons of fun with this game, why would the same not be true for you as well?

Play Easter Among Us and have some holiday spaceship fun!

If you get assigned as a regular crewmate, no matter what color your astronaut suit is, move through the spaceship and try fixing it where it has damage, so that you and your mates can keep going in your adventure. Don't get killed by impostors, and if someone is, try to figure out who they are so that you vote them out of the spaceship and then throw them out as well.

If you are the impostor, kill crewmates without getting caught, using vents to escape and hide, but you can also damage the ship to try and sabotage it. Don't get caught and thrown into the abyss of space, or you lose. Use the mouse for any of the two roles in order to move around and interact.

Enter your name in the brackets to start, since the game is multiplayer, so all crewmates and impostors are real people having fun. The basics have been nailed down, so now you should be ready to give this game your best and have fun, after which we hope to see you next Easter here as well, and before that too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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