Football Among Us

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What is Football Among Us?

Football Among Us
The characters in Among Us can't wait to see you again. Come with them and start a football match. Try to improve your football skills because this game is multiplayer and you can play with your friends. What are you waiting for?

The rules of the game are simple: you must guide the character Among us so that the ball is placed in the appropriate goal and score a goal to win a point. Due to the fact that it is a multiplayer game you can create your own team together with your friends so as to create a real football atmosphere. Set yourself a challenge and see which one of you is better.

Game instructions are simple. The game works on the Click & Play principle, meaning you have to click on the circles positioned in the lower right and lower left and guide the character Among Us in the appropriate direction so as to score a goal. Depending on the goal scored, the distance from where you scored, the value of a goal can be up to three points. You have to be careful and not give a self-goal.

Have fun.

How to play?

use the mouse

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