Pixie Party Couture

Pixie Party Couture

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Pixie Party Couture
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Pixie Party Couture Overview


Pixie Party Couture is a really interesting mixture between matching games and dress up games, clearly made even better by the fact that it features your favorite Disney Fairies, such as Tinkerbell, and many of her friends, whom you try to make sure look as amazing as possible for the party!

Find the perfect Party Couture outfit for the Disney Fairies!

You get tiles featuring tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes, and you put them over the empty brackets, needing to arrange them from top to bottom in such a way that you create a full outfit, and when that is made, it gets eliminated, added to the wardrobe, and in return you get points, of course.

Get the required number of outfits done for each level to be passed, a big score, and if you get stuck or just want to make things quicker, all you have to do is use the various power-ups given to you, but don't overuse them if you want to rely on them succesfully.

Let's begin right now, have fun, and if you want more of it, our website is the best place to get it, so stick around and keep having fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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