How to Draw Apple and Onion

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What is How to Draw Apple and Onion?

How to Draw Apple and Onion

How to Draw Apple and Onion is the first game where you get to learn how to do precisely that, something we are sure you will have plenty of fun with, since drawing is made even better when it is done with your favorite Cartoon Network characters, don't you think?

Learn how to draw Apple and Onion!

For the moment, in addition to the two title characters, you have two more you can draw, but many can be added soon, who knows? Either way, pick one to start with.

You will use the mouse to draw alongside the dotted lines just as you are shown, and if you keep doing it as accurately as possible, the characters will look just like in the show.

They will be filled with color and animated by the game. It's all that simple and fun, so we invite you to start everything right now, and see for yourself just how much fun can be had!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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