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What are Apple and Onion Games?

A new online series from Cartoon Network is appearing right here on our website, where we are bringing for you a very special new category named Apple and Onion, in which two vegetable and fruit character are the new popular characters on Cartoon Network that made a lot of new friends through their cartoon series that you can watch on TV or on the internet.

Starting from today, you can see that we are bringing for you a full series of games called Apple and Onion like the show, and in which the little games prepared for you guys will be from each and every one of the levels of the show. You are going to see which are the little adventures that Apple and Onion will have throughout the online games that you can try even on your phones and tablets.

Try to know Apple and Onion

This new story that Cartoon Network published in 2018, is a very fun story for children, in which all the characters of the story are vegetables, fruits, sodas and all kinds of foods that kids can encounter on the daily basis, and the main characters of the story will be Apple and Onion, which you would think that they would not get along, one being a fruit mainly eaten at dessert, and one being a popular vegetable that is used in almost any food recipe that your moms or chefs in restaurants use to give flavor to your food.

For you to better understand the series and the games that you are about to play, you have to know very good how they look and how they and, even why they do all kinds of mysterious actions throughout the series. You can see that in this new games category, Apple is going to look like a red apple that you might have in your kitchen and which you can eat as a fresh fruit-filled with vitamins. He has arms and legs, and even little shoes that you might have in your closet.

Onion is also a cartoon through this new Cartoon Network story, and he is a white onion that has little hairs on the top of his head. Like his friend Apple, he has two arms and two legs just like a human being would have. All the characters even though they are vegetables and fruits, but they act like real people. Apple and Onion are young adults in this story, and you can see that they even live together in a small apartment that they try to make it nicer by having a little cat as a pet.

Apple and Onion are best friends, and you will see that they are always together in each and every one of the adventures, they will work together and see how many points you will manage to gain through all the puzzles, all the memory games, and even all the little quizzes that they will prepare for you. Make sure that you can finish all the challenges that these new characters have prepared, and their story will continue. In 2020, the series has a new season, and even though it's just the second, you can see that season three is most likely in the making.

Meet the fruits and vegetables

Apple - is a little apple who is very proud to call himself a friend of Onions. He just moved in the city in order to start a new life, and he did just so because he is starting to have a new adventure. They both have interesting ideas that you will be able to see and play through these new online games for kids.

Onion - is a polite character, with manners that is also a good friend of Apple. To be more specific, he is a scallion type of onion that is white and mostly grown in water. He, just like his friend has just moved to a new city, where he wants to meet new people and make a lot of new friends.

Burger - is another recurring character that starts to be friends with Apple and Onion. And it's understandable by his name that he looks like a burger, and has a bun, a layer of meat, a layer of onions, cucumber and even a layer of salad that will make him look like a real burger.

Hot Dog - he started the series by not licking Apple and Onion due to all their little funny missions and because they were always goofing around, but that turned around fast, and they became friends after a few episodes. He looks like a real hot dog, and he even has the ketchup and the mustard on the bun.

French Fry is one of the girl characters in the story, and you can see that she looks like a french fry, and that makes Onion love her, and she might even become her girlfriend if you continue to watch the series through.

Beef Jerky is one of the villains of the story because he is always pretending to be someone else, but during the series, Apple and Onion are trying to make him live like himself and be true to his own personality.

Falafel is the main character's landlord. He owns the apartment building where the two characters live. During the show, it will be explained why he has money problems and why he is working so hard all the time and why he does not have time to have fun with Apple and Onion.

How many seasons can be watched by Apple and Onion?

There's a single season aired, but there are new ones to come in the future!

Where can we watch Apple and Onion?

The Apple and Onion show is aired on Cartoon Network.

How old should the kids be to watch Apple and Onion?

Apple and Onion is a series for children of all ages.

Is there a new season of Apple and Onion coming up?

Yes, Apple and Onion Season 2 should be live on Cartoon Network.

Is Apple and Onion a kids show?

Yes, because it's full of funny moments and all the characters look like food children eat.