A Cold Neighborhood

A Cold Neighborhood

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A Cold Neighborhood
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A Cold Neighborhood Overview


A Cold Neighborhood is where Apple and Onion from Cartoon Network are now living, and we're absolutely sure that you want to help them with any problem they have, and maybe bring some warmth into their life, something you're invited to do right now after we teach you how to play the game, where we're sure you are going to have a blast!

Live in A Cold Neighborhood with Apple and Onion!

The two characters are going to climb on top of the ladders on the walls of their buildings, and from the top, there will fall tons of food and snacks that they love, so use the arrow keys to move them in such a way that they collect them, earning points in return for each.

What you need to be careful of are the snowballs that also fall down, because each one hitting you causes you to lose a life, and in case you lose three lives, you have to start all over again from scratch. Each time you play, try getting a bigger high score than before, of course! Good luck with all that, and more of you we hope to see more here every day!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.



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