Apple and Onion Party Splashers

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What is Apple and Onion Party Splashers?

Apple and Onion Party Splashers

Party Splashers is the latest addition to the Apple and Onion Games category that we know for a fact you love so much, since these Cartoon Network characters have been an instant hit with audiences ever since their first episode dropped, and you are now invited to have an experience unlike any of the others this category has provided so far!

Party, splash, and more, only with Apple and Onion!

Either Apple or Onion will climb on the stairs of their building, and you move them to the left and right using the corresponding arrow keys, something that you do in order to avoid the obstacles on either side, but at the same time collect as much food as you can on the way up.

Then, as they dive into the pool at the bottom, use the arrows again, also to avoid obstacles, but also to collect coins, so try achieving a score as big as possible, and keep jumping from higher heights the more you keep playing.

It's quite simple and fun, and it is a gaming experience that reminds us of summer, so you have all the reasons in the world to try this game right now, believe us!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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