Spooky Snack Search

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Spooky Snack Search
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What is Spooky Snack Search?

Spooky Snack Search

Not even scary ghosts are going to frighten Scooby-Doo from getting snacks since he is always hungry, and this is what we invite you to help him out with right now and here in the lovely game called Spooky Snack Search, which will be unlike any of the other Scooby-Doo Games online, you've played here before!

Let's go on a Spooky Snack Search!

The search will happen through a total of fifteen levels, each with a new exciting location, and while the levels get progressively more difficult, they are also more fun because of that, no doubt about it!

Use the arrow keys to move the dog, and when you want to go through doors, sit next to them and press the up arrow key. Sometimes you also play as Shaggy, because he is just as hungry as the dog.

In further levels, ghosts start chasing you around, so you need to be careful and give your best to outrun them because if the ghosts end up catching you, you lose the level and have to start it again from scratch.

These are the basic rules, so we hope that you start all the fun right now, only here, and then invite your friends for it as well, as they might not have known about this game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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