2 Player Moto Racing

2 Player Moto Racing

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2 Player Moto Racing
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2 Player Moto Racing Overview


2 Player Moto Racing is here to provide you with exactly what we know you want, which is more motorcycle games in 2 players that are high-quality, in 3D, of course, and mobile-friendly, with this one being all of that and much more, and there's no doubt at all in our minds that you're about to have simply the best time ever, just like we've had with it ourselves!

Get ready for Moto Racing in 2 Players!

If you choose the 1P mode, then your bike rivals are going to be virtual ones, controlled by the computer, but the gist is the same, as you need to outrace them, finish first at the end of all the laps, unlock new levels and earning money to buy new vehicles to continue the fun at even greater speeds.

For the Single-Player mode, the controls are:

  • Arrows to drive, L-Shift for Nitro, X, C to kick other riders, H to respawn.

If you choose to compete with another real player, the 2P mode has the following controls:

  • Player 1: S, F, E, D to drive, shift for Nitro, W, R for kicking, C to respawn.
  • Player 2: Arrows to drive, space for nitro, N, M for kicking, H to respawn.

You've got the basics down now, so all that is left to do is have the ultimate fun by winning one race after another and having the best possible time in the world!

How to play?

SINGLE-PLAYER: Arrows, L-Shift, X, C, H.


  1. S, F, E, D, Shift, W, A, C.
  2. Arrows, Space, N, M, H.


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