Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing

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Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing
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What is Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing?

Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing

Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing is a really special new motorcycle racing game with 2 players on our website, not just because two players can race against one another using the same machine, but, the racer avatars you two are going to embody are mice, and we're sure that this aspect of the novelty will elevate the game further and make it even more interesting for you to try out!

Try the new Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing game we've got here for you!

In either the 1P or 2P mode, there are ten levels, each with a different course, and you need to beat the other mouse racer, real or virtual, by crossing the finish line first, and through the levels, you get to unlock new bikes for you to drive. Your controls are as follows:

  • Player 1: ARROWS to drive, N for boost, space to use item, K to restart.
  • Player 2: WASD to drive, shift to boost, Z to use item, R to restart.

Now that you've both learned your controls, you should be ready to start giving the game your best, and we hope you don't stop here, as we've always got amazing new games to share with you!

How to play?

P1: ARROWS, N, space, K.

P2: WASD, shift, Z, R.

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