GP Moto Racing 3

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What is GP Moto Racing 3?

GP Moto Racing 3

GP Moto Racing 3 is surely going to be welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm considering that the previous motorcycle racing games in 3D from this series we have added here for so many of you had also been received greatly, and if that had not been the case, did you think a third game would have been made? Surely not, so let's explain the rules for the newcomers to let the fun begin!

Play GP Moto Racing 3 online for free and unblocked!

First things first, learn how to drive and handle your bike: you use the Arrows for driving and balancing, press space for the handbrake, which you can use to slide in the turns, and if you've got the required energy, press shift to activate Nitro.

If you choose the race mode, you need to be the first one that crosses the finish line, before the other bikers, but if you choose the time attack mode, you need to clear the course before the timer reaches zero seconds.

From both modes, you earn money in return, and that money can be used for buying new bikes and new suits for your rider, to keep things fresh, interesting, and, most importantly, FAST! Begin right now, there are no moments for you to waste here!

How to play?

Use the arrows, space, and shift.


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