Wuggy Crusher

Wuggy Crusher

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Wuggy Crusher
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Wuggy Crusher Overview


Wuggy Crusher has just been added over to our category of Poppy Playtime Games online because we know that it is one of our most beloved pages at the moment, so new and fresh content is always very welcome, especially if we're talking about this skill game that is unlike anything you've played here before!

Crush the Wuggy, one after another!

Multiple Huggy Wuggy dolls will be coming from the top of the screen, just like waves of zombies, and you need to use the mouse to click on them, crushing them in the process and getting points in return. Human survivors are also in the mix, so don't crush them, because if you lose three lives, you lose the game.

Each stage will bring about more ferocious and dangerous waves of Huggies, so focus more and more as you accelerate through the game and save the world of this wicked doll. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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