Noob Escape: one level again

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What is Noob Escape: one level again?

Noob Escape: one level again

Welcome to Noob Escape: one level again, which is quite a special new platform-adventure game with escape and puzzle elements to have been added to this beloved series of Noob Vs Pro Games, one that we really believe is not going to go out of style any day soon, and why would it, since we constantly bring you new and fresh experiences in ti as awesome as this one!

Help the Noob Escape one level again and again!

The main aspect of this game is that you will have the same level in front of you, the same door you have to go through to escape it, only the parameters towards doing that change from one level to another. Basically, grab the key to open the door, sometimes having to drag it or just click on it, and then get the Noob through the gate, while avoiding spikes.

In each level, you have a command in the middle of the screen which you have to follow in order to finish that stage, so take advantage of it. Sometimes you have multiple keys to grab, or the gravity changes, so just move according to the world's rules to clear it. Use W or space to jump, A and D to move, or the Right, Left Arrow keys.

Have a tremendous experience like never and anywhere else before, and maybe invite your friends around to have fun too, we're sure they will like it!

How to play?

Use the W, A, D keys.

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