Let's Color Subway Riders

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What is Let's Color Subway Riders?

Let's Color Subway Riders

Coloring Games with Subway Surfers are a nice way to cool down after the exciting races that you take part in with them all through the world, and we're sure that you have some favorite characters/skins in this series who you would enjoy painting, and this is what you will be doing right now!

Let's Color the Subway Surfers Riders online!

Choose the rider and his image that you want to paint, and then do it in one of two methods. With the Pencils, you will click on a color and then hold the mouse to apply it over the sheet where you want it placed, but if you use the Bucket, you choose your color and then click where you want it, and it will fill that space instantly.

For both cases, you have an eraser available to use when you want to modify mistakes or just change things up. Use your creativity and imagination to paint the Subway Surfers characters differently from their original designs, or try to recreate them, either way, there is tons of fun to be had to do it all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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