World Fighting Soccer 22

World Fighting Soccer 22

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World Fighting Soccer 22
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World Fighting Soccer 22 Overview


World Fighting Soccer 22 is a combination of fighting games online with football games online unlike you've ever seen here before, for sure, which is precisely why we could not have missed sharing the game with you for anything in the world, so we hope that right away we will see you playing it and enjoying it to the fullest!

Win the World cup of Soccer Fighting 2022!

The reason why this is also a fighting game of sorts is that you will see really big blasts for any pass, tackle, or shot you make, just like with retro fighting games, which is the inspiration for this one, as you will see 8bit sprites for the football players you will take control of.

You will play for national teams, in the Versus mode against the CPU or against another real player with the 2 Player mode, or you can first hone your skills in the Training mode. The World Cup version is not yet available, and it will be only in the full version, as this is just a demo so far.

Use the arrows to move, Z and X to pass, shoot, tackle, and enter to move around the menus as well. We wish you all the best, of course, and we hope that you will stick around for more amazing games to come today and every day afterward!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, and X keys.

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