Beyblade Rip It

Beyblade Rip It

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Beyblade Rip It
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Beyblade Rip It Overview


Beyblade Rip It is yet another amazing retro game belonging to this series of Beyblade Games online, calling it 'retro' because it is based around the original series of this franchise, which is now really big and brings about all sorts of new worlds, creatures, and characters every few years.

Let's go back to the basics and rip the Beyblades to win the spinning wheel fights online!

Rip It with a new Beyblade game online!

In your race for Beyblade supremacy against the really dangerous villain known as Doji, you have the chance of becoming one of three protagonists:

  1. Gingka
  2. Kyoya
  3. Benkei

Pick the character by choosing their Beyblade, and then use the right and left arrow keys to steer it on the battlefield, and accelerate by pressing the spacebar.

You are actually racing on a course with your spinning totem, having to cross the finish line first to win, but be careful not to hit the obstacles too many times, because losing your health bar means death and the loss of the race.

We wish you simply the best, as always, and hope to see you play more of this category, it is full of gems!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the spacebar.

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