Super Hoops Basketball

Super Hoops Basketball

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Super Hoops Basketball
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Super Hoops Basketball Overview


Super Hoops Basketball is about to become one of the top sports games online for kids you play in this category dedicated to one of the world's most popular activities, b-balling, which, we assure you, can be just as fun doing on the internet as it is in real life, and this awesome new game that will put your skills and your focus to the test is going to be proof of that!

Play Basketball online and shoot Super Hoops!

The game has a total of 30 levels, each one becoming more difficult than the one before, but no matter how hard it becomes to shoot the hoops, if you do it quickly and with a small number of tries you might get 3/3 stars, or you might get 2 or just 1, depending on how you perform.

Each level represents a puzzle, where the ball starts off on one kind of platform or another, and you tap on the right or left sides of the screen to make them rotate and drop the ball into the hoop. Along the way, try making the ball go through the three stars to collect them.

If a platform does not have the rotating symbol on it, it won't budge, so use it appropriately. All platforms move at the same time when doing a rotation, which is another important element to know. Good luck, focus, and we hope that you also invite your friends over here for fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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