Hoops Champ 3D

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What is Hoops Champ 3D?

Hoops Champ 3D

Become Hoops Champs with one of the best new basketball games 3d to have been added to our website, which is simply a must-play if you love shooting hoops both in real life and virtually as well, since it can be exciting in both cases, and you can trust from our own experience with the game that you are not going to not love this game from the start!

Shoot the hoops to become the champ!

Drag the mouse on a PC, the finger on a mobile device, to create a path for your ball to take, and release to make your shot, aiming to throw the balls through all the hoops on each level to clear it, with each hoop having a different number of stars.

They represent the level of difficulty, so the higher it is, the bigger your rewards as well. In each level you have a limited number of balls you can shoot, so don't lose them without getting all the targets, or you lose that level.

Only a real CHAMP will be able to clear all the levels and have the most fun out of this game, something we highly recommend, after which we invite you to stick around for more fun to come here, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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