Basket Champ

Basket Champ

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Basket Champ
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Basket Champ Overview


Since its one of our largest categories already, when we bring you new basketball games online on our website, you can bet that they are high-quality and some of the best ones you can find, or at least they offer something unique to the genre, which are all things valid right now for Basket Champ, one of the best new reaction time games with basketball that you can find here!

Use the flipper to shoot the hoops!

A ball, which can be a soccer ball, a tennis one, or from another sport, not necessarily basketball, will be dropped from a portal, and you need to use the flipper at the bottom of the screen to hit it and send it upwards into the hoop because when you do, you clear the level. Don't drop the ball down, because that means losing the game.

Find the right moment to tap the flipper and throw the ball, hopefully getting the ball into the basketball hoop quite quickly, getting even more points in return. The background for each level can be different, as you can have winter scenery, one where you are at the beach, in the jungle, and many others.

Good luck, start the fun right now, and make sure to stick around to catch all our other great new games of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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