My New Room

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What is My New Room?

My New Room

Welcome to My New Room, one of the most amazing friv decorating games for girls online on our website, where, as the title suggests, a girl needs a new room design and total makeover, which is what you will help her with, as this is one of the most extensive games in the genre we've ever had here, so we are highly positive you will really enjoy it, it's a classic!

Play My New Room online unblocked!

On the right side of the screen, you can see the buttons that activate menus which you can use to add various items in the room, such as:

  • windows, doors, and carpets
  • beds, couches, tables, and furniture in general
  • a fireplace, lamps, paintings
  • electronics
  • cute pets to liven the place up
  • personalized items such as a jacuzzi or a guitar...

You can move things around, rotate them, make them smaller or bigger, you can paint over things and give them new colors, and personalize every little detail to match your tastes, and we're sure you will have an incredible amount of fun doing so, just like we've had as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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