Cricket FRVR

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What is Cricket FRVR?

Cricket FRVR

The FRVR version of Cricket is now available for you to enjoy for free on our website, and there is no doubt at all in our minds that you will really love it, especially if you are a big fan of cricket games online already, for which we have a full-on category we hope you will visit. But, first, try this awesome one-off title where you will test and improve your batting abilities at once, all the while having plenty of fun!

Play Cricket FRVR online now!

The ball will be thrown at you, and when you click or tap on the screen, that is when you swing your bat, so time it so that you hit the ball and send it as farther as possible, because the bigger distance it travels, the more points you get. If it hits other players, they can send it back, and that's good, but you won't earn as many points as if they were to never even be able to catch it, and that is what we hope you aim for.

This game is a simple bat and ball game we are sure you will really enjoy, as you can see, so start it right now!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.