Chess Multi Player

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Chess Multi Player
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What is Chess Multi Player?

Chess Multi Player

A Chess Multi Player game has just been added here for free for all the fans of this ancient board game that humanity as a whole cannot get tired of, which is why it is a classic that has made a great transition to online gaming, which now allows you to play the game versus players from all over the world, just like with this game!

Let's play Chess Multi Player online!

Enter the name you want to be known as and then connect to the server to be assigned an enemy from other parts of the world, with one of you using the black pieces, and the other one the white pieces. White goes first, always.

Each piece on the board moves according to its rules, rules that you need to exploit in order to capture the queen of the other player to win, which they will try to do also, so be careful not to let them.

There have been whole books written about chess, so we would want to hope that you already know the other rules of the game, especially since we don't have the time and space for that. Give your best and see how much fun you could be having!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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