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Real Chess Online

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Real Chess Online
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Real Chess Online Overview


Real Chess Online is a game added to show you why the classic board games that have been around for hundreds of years are not going away very soon, as they have made quite a good transition to the online world, and this game aims to be as realistic as possible to match the physical version, hence why we fully recommend this to all you virtual chess players!

Let's play a game of Real Chess Online!

Start off by choosing how the game is set up in these four departments:

  • color
  • board variant
  • style
  • pieces variant
  • level of difficulty

You play against the computer, each of you having the following pieces on your boards:

  • pawns
  • bishops
  • knights
  • rooks
  • queen
  • king

Protect your king from being taken by the other player, while you give your best to overtake their territory and take theirs away, which is when you win, a move known as chess-mate. To get to mate, you can also block any movements they can make. You don't really need to steal the king, as it is enough for them to lose no matter in which direction they go with it.

The time each player takes to make their move is counted. Good luck, but, most importantly, have great focus, and have endless fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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