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Chess Master 3D

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Chess Master 3D
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Chess Master 3D Overview

Chess Master 3D is a new chess game on our website that features 3D graphics! You can play the classic chess game in one player and 2 player modes in this chess game. In the one player, you can set the strength of the AI and what side you want to be on, white or black.

Chess is an interesting strategy game where you must think ahead and come up with a plan to defeat and 'checkmate' the enemy king, checkmating the king means that the king is threatened by a piece and the king cannot legally move anywhere anymore. Chess has many pieces that have different capabilities:
  • Pawns: The pawns stand at the front of the other pieces, they are the most basic piece in the game. The pawns can move forward and diagonally when they take another piece. On the first move, you can move them 2 places forward but after that, the pawns can only move one at a time on the board. When a pawn reaches the other side of the table, it can be promoted to the other pieces on the board like the queen, knight, bishop, and rook. Pawns also have a special move called "En Passant", this move allows a pawn to take another pawn when it tries to get past it by using its 2 moves at the start.
  • Queen: The strongest piece on the board, can move in all directions including diagonally and normally.
  • Rook: Can move in all directions except diagonally. It has a special move called "Towering", it can swap places with the king if the rook hasn't been moved.
  • Knight: This piece can move only in specific ways, it can be useful when protecting the queen.
  • King: The piece you must protect at all costs, it can move in any direction one square at a time.
In chess, there are many different ways to start the game, you must think ahead and try to find the best solution to a situation.

We hope you'll like Chess Master 3D!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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