Flick Soldier 3D

Flick Soldier 3D

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Flick Soldier 3D
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Flick Soldier 3D Overview


Flick Soldier 3D is one of those new hypercasual action games with fighting, in 3D, and with funny characters, just like the game is, in addition to being really fun, an experience that we've already had here, so we made sure to share the game right now, and we will also explain its format, making sure you can give it your absolute best!

Have fun fighting with the Flick Soldier 3D online!

In each level, you control the king, yours, in red, and its soldiers as well, going up against the blue king and his minions, having to knock them off the chessboard platform to win.

Aim and shoot using the mouse by dragging and releasing, using the fingers directly on the screen for mobile devices, so that you hit them.

You and the computer will be doing this in turns, so it's up to you to win by focusing harder and finding the best spots to attack and succeed. It's that simple, as you can see, and don't stop here, as we hope to see you winning all the fights, clearing all the levels, and maybe inviting your friends to play as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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