Chesscourt Quest

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What is Chesscourt Quest?

Chesscourt Quest

Chesscourt Quest is a dynamic and ever-evolving take on chess games online, one that we are now very happy to share with you all free of charge on our website since this game is a really amazing experience even if you don't regularly play this brain game, and it might be a great opportunity for you to learn about it!

Start the Chesscourt Quest online!

Unlike the regular game, you only control one piece at a time, and you can move it once, after which the game does, and use the pieces to your advantage to beat the other pieces and take over the court, which is how you win.

Click to move pieces, Z to undo, and R to reset. Take over your opponent's pieces and then bring your own over to the green flag, the finish mark, in order to win, simple as that!

Now that you've surely understood, start now, only here, and we hope you don't stop since we have more great surprises coming over for the day, all of them for you only!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: Ethan M

You can support the developer by downloading the Android version from Google Play.

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