Noob Hero Attitude

Noob Hero Attitude

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Noob Hero Attitude
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Noob Hero Attitude Overview


Welcome to Noob Hero Attitude, one of the newest skill, reaction time, and cutting games to have been added to our Minecraft Games category, always a really good place to be in, as we're talking about some of the best content on the internet, even more so when Noob is front and center, as in this game where he tries to be a hero, which means giving it your all for the good of others. Can you do the same?

Get the Hero Attitude with Minecraft's Noob!

As Noob falls down and slides on the walls of the two buildings between which he is, you tap to jump from one wall to the other one and try to time it so that during your jumps you use the sword to cut down other Minecraft characters stuck on the ropes, so that they get freedom.

The more of them you free, the bigger your score becomes, and you should also jump to collect the coins, because you can use them to buy new skins for your characters, as well as upgrades for your sword and general statistics, making you more agile and better equipped to handle the game.

It is an endless one, meaning that you can keep playing as long as you do good, but make sure not to hit into the spikes and various other death traps because if that happens, you lose and have to start again from the top. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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