Noob Vs TNT Boom

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Noob Vs TNT Boom
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What is Noob Vs TNT Boom?

Noob Vs TNT Boom

The Minecraft Games category has gotten an explosive upgrade right now and here through the game called Noob Vs TNT Boom, one of the best new puzzle and logic games online we've prepared for you here in recent times, and this is a combo that does and always will work, so we hope that we see many of you give this game a shot right now, and have fun with it yourselves!

Try the new Noob Vs TNT Boom and have plenty of fun with it!

You can click on the wooden boxes or tiles to remove them, but only them, doing so in order to make the treasure chest fall into the lap of the Noob from Minecraft because when the two of them are on the same platform, the level will have been cleared.

The fewer moves you use to achieve that goal, the better your performance know that each new stage gets more difficult than the other one, so get yourself ready for quite a challenge as you keep progressing!

Other than that, we're sure you understood all there is to understand, so start right now, have a blast, and make sure to tell your friends about our amazing games as well, they should not miss them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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