Friends Battle TNT

Friends Battle TNT

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Friends Battle TNT
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Friends Battle TNT Overview


Friends Battle TNT is not solely one of the newest 2 player games from our website, but it is also set in the pixel world of block craft games, featuring Steve and Alex as the main characters you know and love very much already, something we know for a fact, and in this following part of the article we wish to teach you how to play the game yourselves, so you can have fun together!

Win the Friends Battle TNT in 2 players online!

There will be two teams, red and blue, or Steve and Alex, each controlled by another player, using the desktop controls as follows:

  • Move and jump with Steve using the W, A, D keys
  • Move and jump with Alex using the Up, Left, Right keys

There will be TNTs flying around, and each player has to jump around the platforms to collect theirs, of the same color, and the first player to collect 20/20 wins. Of course, you're trying to prevent the other one from doing that at the same time as you are working on your own progress, simple as that.

For those playing on mobile devices (phones, tablets), use the touch controls directly on your screens, and know that both players can also use their TNTs as currency in the shop, where you can buy upgrades and tools to use in overpowering your enemies for the next rounds. Good luck to both!

How to play?

P1: WAD.


Tips & Tricks

  • Bounce to get the higher ground: use the green platforms you see around the maps to jump really high and grab the TNT mid-air easily and faster
  • Buy upgrades: the shop button is in the main menu, so use your rewards from winning to get the power-ups that will give you the advantage

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