Paint the Fence

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What is Paint the Fence?

Paint the Fence

Pain the Fence is a painting and coloring game that is way more challenging than anything you've ever played before, even in the world of home decoration games online, and it makes us very excited that we could unearth it and share it with you right now, where we've had plenty of fun with it ourselves!

How well and fast can you Pain the Fence? Find out!

In each level you are given a certain fence, paints in various colors, and a time limit in which you need to paint it in a certain percentage, and only if that is achieved have you completed the level and advance to the next one, where a new fence awaits you to paint it, obviously.

Each new challenge presents itself more difficult than the one before it, but we can guarantee that more fun all at the same time, so begin right now, give your best, and never give up, as we're sure none of our players do!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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