Professional Sniper

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What is Professional Sniper?

Professional Sniper

We now invite you to become a Professional Sniper in one of the best new shooting games 3D on our website, with snipers, of course, which are a different breed of soldiers, who stand from afar to take their targets down with the greatest of precision, which is precisely what you will attempt to do right now and here in this amazing game!

Measure up your skills to those of a Professional Sniper!

In each level, you are given a number of targets to shoot down, with their number increasing, but their placement, movements, or location on the map also get more difficult as you advance, so that you can prove yourself as a great sniper.

Use the right mouse button to activate the scope and look further up ahead, since you're shooting from a distance, and take aim and make your shots by clicking, simple as that.

We're sure you will enjoy the 3d-rendered battle zone of war where you find yourself, and with enough focus and dedication, you are going to clear all the levels and become one of the most famous snipers in the world of gaming!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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