Pig Run

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What is Pig Run?

Pig Run

Pig Run is about to become the latest classic from the Minecraft Games category, and how could that not be the case, when we're talking about a game featuring the pig you all know and love from this amazing and highly popular online game, even more so as we already can attest to it from our own time with it!

Let's go on a Pig Run in Minecraft!

Use A and D or Right and Left to move in these directions with the pig, and, as you do it, make sure to avoid obstacles, pits, holes, and traps, because this is an endless runner game, so you try to reach as farther as possible without dying, and each time you die, make sure you achieve a bigger distance next time.

To jump, press the spacebar. Along the way, try collecting as many carrots as possible too, it is the pig's favorite food. The very best we wish each of you, obviously, and we would hate for you to miss out on this game, so make sure you give it a run right now. Pun intended!

How to play?

Use A, D, and the spacebar.



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