Naughty Classroom 2

04.12.2022 286 1 votes

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What is Naughty Classroom 2?

Naughty Classroom 2

Naughty Classroom 2 is right now and here added to our website after we've seen how much you enjoyed the first one in the series, and how could you not, even if you have not played that one before, we still invite you to try this one and see just how great it is!

Play Naughty Classroom 2 online for free and unblocked!

In this funny game, you have a classroom with a pretty teacher who you try to pull naughty pranks on, so use the mouse to interact with the surroundings, doing so to activate various click-events, seeing what happens when you do, and try to see how far you can go pestering this new teacher.

Even if she doesn't return to class the next day, we are sure that you will still have had plenty of fun, just like we did, so don't miss out on this chance, and maybe try out some of our similar games to this one after!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.