Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer

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Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer
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What is Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer?

Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer

Playing Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer on our website right now can be a good activity if you are alone, as this is a game that connects you with players all around the globe, each one of you trying their best to be faster than the other on the tracks and cross the finish line first, something for which we wish you the very best!

Try Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer online for free right now!

The basics are quite simple, as you need to make your profile, choose your car, the one you start off with, and then, as you earn races, make upgrades or buy new ones to use, so that you get better and faster, of course.

Use WASD to drive, or the ARROWS, space for nitro, shift to drift, and in case you've got weapons attached to your vehicle, use the mouse to aim and shoot them at the other cars and slow them down.

The tracks can be complicated, as they can have obstacles, but also power-ups that we recommend you grab and use to your advantage against your foes. Good luck and the best we want to wish you all!

How to play?

Use WASD/ARROWS, space, shift, and the mouse.



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