Flip Skater Idle

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Flip Skater Idle
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What is Flip Skater Idle?

Flip Skater Idle

Flip Skater Idle is here to take our series of Skateboarding Games online and make it really different and unique, as we're quite positive you've never played games like this one here before, so precisely for that reason we hope to see you start it up right now, and you won't regret it in the least, guaranteed!

Let's play a Flip Skater Idle game online!

In each of the 55 levels, you will have two skateboarders going at the same time, and you flip them around on the courses using the A and D keys, or the Left and Right ones, depending on how you see it better.

Do so in order to help them stay away from all the obstacles, because if you hit into them, you lose then and there, while also making sure to collect all the stars from the roads to do a perfect job at the game.

No matter how hard the levels get as you play, if you focus and always give your best, we're sure that you will always come on top and have lots of fun!

How to play?

Use the A/D keys and the Right/Left keys.



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