Real Simulator Monster Truck

Real Simulator Monster Truck

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Real Simulator Monster Truck
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Real Simulator Monster Truck Overview


Real Simulator Monster Truck is one of the best new games to be added into this category dedicated towards these big vehicles we know you love to drive around a lot, even more so with high-quality entries to this page such as this one, which we will prove is great from the get-go, so after you read this, you will surely want to give it a chance!

Drive the Monster Truck in the Real Simulator!

  1. If you choose to play in the Racing mode, give your best to overtake the other monster trucks and be the first one that crosses the finish lines to win.
  2. If playing in the Stunt mode is more to your liking, use the ramps and the terrain to perform all sorts of crazy jumps, flips, and various tricks, earning rewards in exchange.
  3. There is also a Free Drive mode, where you just get to enjoy the way that one of these vehicles is driven, and take on the scenery of the tracks you are in.

Drive with WASD or the ARROWS, use N for Nitro, and change cameras with C. Forest, Desert, Hill, and Moon are the four maps available, and with what you earn from playing through the modes you get the chance of unlocking new monster trucks to drive.

The very best we wish all of you to try this game right now, which we are positive you will do, and we invite you to stick around for more great content yet to come here for you all!

How to play?

Use WASD, N, and C.


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