Gym Stack

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What is Gym Stack?

Gym Stack

Gym Stack is a new kind of puzzle game in 3D with sorting and numbers, numbers that represent weights, as you find yourself at the gym, where you need to stack up the weights in the correct order to finish each level, something we are going to invite you to learn how to do right away!

Become a master at Gym Stack!

You will be given one or two weights at a time, of various kilograms, and with the mouse, you drag them onto the poles and stack them, and you need to stack and merge two weights of the same number to create its double, but be careful not to put bigger weights on top of the smaller ones, or else you get stuck.

Instead, if you can arrange all of the weights required for the level on the poles, you finish it and advance to the next one, where even more weights need to be stacked, but even more, the fun will be had you. It's that simple, so begin right away, and share this game with as many of your friends as possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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