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What is NoobWars?


NoobWars is one of the best new Minecraft Games in 2 players with shooting elements that we are now rightfully excited to share with you on our website, as we know from our very own time playing it just how much of a blast it can be, and since if we loved it, you are going to love it as well!

Which one of you will win the NoobWars?

From the main menu, you choose if you play against the computer or against another real player, with one assuming the role of Steve, and the other the role of Alex.

Separated by a fence between you two, each player throws blocks at the other one when their turn comes, and to do it you press and hold the E key for Steve and the O key for Alex.

The one that hits the targets more than the other player and depletes their health bar first wins, so both of you should aim to do the same thing to the other player, and become the winners, of course!

The best we wish both of you, and we hope you are not stopping at playing this game from our website, since we got plenty more amazing content to offer you, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the E and O keys.



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