4WD Test Driver

4WD Test Driver

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4WD Test Driver
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4WD Test Driver Overview


4WD Test Driver is a new driving simulator game online in 3D on our website unlike you get to find and play just every day, precisely why sharing it with you right now was very important to us, because a truck with a four-wheel drive is not an easy one to drive, so better do it safely in the confines of an online game, don't you think?

Become a 4WD Test Driver online right now!

The first game mode that you have to play in, which is readily available, is the Trials one, where you have a total of 51 levels, one more interesting than the other, where you simply have to follow the road to the destination, making sure not to crash, slide, or damage your car too much, because you lose.

You can then unlock the Traps mode, where traps are being thrown at you, and you need to figure out how to avoid them, and there is also the Delivery of Cargo mode, where you need to get things from one spot to another without losing cargo along the way, so be careful of that!

In all the modes, use WASD to control your car/truck. As you earn coins from completing achievements, use them to buy new trucks, or make upgrades, so that your experience gets better and more fun.

Surely you understood all there is to be understood, so now that you know, let the fun begin, and make sure to stick around for more of it to come!

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