Hero 3 Flying Robot

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Hero 3 Flying Robot
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What is Hero 3 Flying Robot?

Hero 3 Flying Robot

Hero 3 Flying Robot continues the series of hero games online in 3D with action, fighting, and all-around craziness that we've gotten you used to on our website, as the previous two ones have already been brought over, and we're now completing the trilogy to give you even more fun to have!

Become a Flying Robot in Hero 3 online!

First things first, learn how to navigate the world with your hero by learning the controls:

Use WASD for movement, the mouse to look around, space to move up and down, shift to accelerate the flight, shoot with left click, activate the laser with the right button, and F to fire missiles.

The premise is simple: for all the enemies you have in a level, you need to go around town, fly, and shoot them down with any weapons at your disposal, until the whole wave has been disposed of.

They will shoot back and attack you too, so make sure to survive. If you find any new weapons or power-ups that you could pick up, make sure to do so. Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since more great games are always in the cars for our website!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift key, mouse, and F.



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