Kogama World Racing

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Kogama World Racing
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What is Kogama World Racing?

Kogama World Racing

Kogama World Racing is going to be one of the most exciting new multiplayer racing games online for free and in 3D to have been added here, as we're talking about a game of the highest quality, and with a premise that you can never get bored of on our website, even more so in this blocky world!

Let's do Kogama World Racing online!

Enter the world, then pick up a car, and then drive with it through the racing courses given to you, trying your best not to crash, and to finish them quite quick times, because we are talking about a game where all players are ranked, and we're sure that you want to be as close to the top as possible.

Use WASD to drive, look around with the mouse and use it to interact, jump with space, and enter and exit cars with E. With what coins you earn you can use them to buy new skins, as well as do upgrades to your cars, although plenty is given to you for free at the beginning of the game. Start right now and see why this game was a must-have for us, and a must-play for you!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, E, and the mouse.



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